Around the Campfire

To create a larger impact on ending our declared “War on Drugs” and the damage it inflicts on victims and families requires a person of heroic proportions.  A heroine of extreme fortitude, wit, and charm.  A soul that can stomach the heart-filled stories found on The Wall and printed in The Razor Wire – – A lifeline for prisoners and families across the country.

imagesFrom these strong bonds, and a wave of emotional response, Nora Callahan founded a nationwide grassroots organization, The November Coalition. Nora is someone special, and we love her passionate voice and beautiful garden lilies. As fate would have it Nora had recently settled into her new hometown of Colville, WA when Josh and Nick were murdered close by in the summer of 2000. From this mountainous rural community it was an immediate lesson that drug war inflictions had penetrated to new horrific depths as John’s trial was convened.

The search for the “win, win” in this senseless suffering has driven a few to stand up and say “No more!”, all while struggling to educate about the importance of standing against the destruction of our rights and relations, caused by our drug warrior euphemisms. Nora is a nationwide advocate and expert in calling for changes in our system of incarcerating people for drugs. She also fights for prisoner and family rights.

After Cheweys conviction and around his sentencing, Nora wrote two editorial comments in The Razor Wire that serve as documents of her experience and perceptions, here you will find other documents of support regarding John’s conviction.


Apr/May 2001, Prison’s, Snitches, and Graveyards, Editorial Comment by Nora Callahan

May/June 2001, Director’s Message, Editorial Comment by Nora Callahan

2003, John “Chewey” Grange #821976, The Wall, by John D. Grange

April 2001, Letter to Judge Rebecca Brown, by Lori Hinds (John’s sister)

“There is no justice in the war on drugs”